CIBC Fixed Income Pools

CIBC Fixed Income Pools provide access to advanced bond strategies in a simple, one-ticket solution. Managed by CIBC Asset Management and leveraging expert portfolio managers from around the world, these actively managed pools aim to deliver client outcomes ranging from regular income to modest capital appreciation over time.

Composed of a diverse mix of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), CIBC Fixed Income Pools are designed to deliver better risk adjusted returns and attractive yields.


  • A single core solution consolidating your fixed income investments.
  • A broad set of fixed income assets helps to lower volatility, and enhance income and return potential.
  • Tactically adjusted based on market environment.
  • Multi-asset fixed income exposure providing access to fixed income managers from around the world.
  • Multiple pool options to reflect different client needs.

Pool Details

Professional Multi-Asset Fixed Income Management

CIBC Asset Management takes a comprehensive fixed income approach, engaging multiple groups and strategies to diversify sources of added value.

The team consists of 21 investment professionals, and each applies their unique market knowledge and experience through a collaborative team approach.

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Access specialists from around the world

Ares Management LLC
Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC
Canso Investment Counsel Ltd.
Wellington Management Canada LLC
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