Patrick O Toole s Conference Call on November 3
Fixed Income: Mitigating Risk Through Active Management

Over the last decade, active and passive fixed income investors alike universally benefited from the tailwinds of steadily declining interest rates. The tide is shifting!

Join Patrick O'Toole's live call and learn how active solutions can help navigate some of the imminent risks in the fixed income environment.

Strategic insights on:

  • The hidden risks to look out for as the fixed income landscape changes
  • Why using ETFs may not be best for your clients
  • How yield curve shifts can create trading opportunities
  • The importance of duration management in enhancing yield and preserving capital

Patrick O'Toole, CFA, CGA
Vice President, Global Fixed Income
CIBC Asset Management

Patrick joined CIBC Asset Management in May 2004 and is a member of the global fixed income team. He co-manages the Renaissance Canadian Bond Fund, Renaissance Corporate Bond Fund and the Renaissance Real Return Bond Fund.

Conference Call Details:
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