Portfolio Solutions

Understanding Managed Portfolio Solutions

A Managed Portfolio Solution is an all-in-one investment vehicle that offers a comprehensive portfolio in one package. Manager analysis, fund selection, portfolio optimization and ongoing monitoring are all part of that package.

An additional benefit of managed portfolio solutions is that investors are provided with access to a variety of asset classes and investment managers. In fact, for many investors, a single managed portfolio solution can effectively meet all their objectives. Each individual portfolio is carefully constructed according to its investment objectives and then managed on an ongoing basis by a due diligence team.

Managed portfolio solutions solve a full range of investor needs

Controlled Risk Risk is controlled by strategically combining a broad selection of asset classes, geographic regions, sizes of companies, investment management styles and individual investment managers.

Greater Potential Returns Long-term performance potential is enhanced by engaging multiple fund managers, each focused on generating optimal returns in their unique areas of strength.

Simplified Reporting and Fee Structure There is just one comprehensive account statement and, where applicable, one yearly tax receipt. It’s easy for investors to get started and keeping track of their investments is simplified. As portfolio solutions are centrally managed, investors pay a single all-encompassing management fee for their portfolios.

Enhanced Service Your advisor has much more time to provide enhanced service for all your wealth needs. Meanwhile the due diligence process ensures continual analysis and performance of the portfolio.

Managed Portfolio Solutions enable investors and their advisors to delegate complex portfolio management to teams of experts so they can focus more time and energy creating an overall financial strategy and enjoying the fruits of good financial planning.

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