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Logo of AllianceBernstein Canada, Inc.

Alliance Capital acquired Sanford C. Bernstein in October 2000 to form AllianceBernstein. AllianceBernstein Canada Inc. (AB) is a subsidiary of AllianceBernstein L.P.

AB offers a comprehensive range of research, portfolio management, and wealth management services. Headquartered in New York, it has offices in 46 locations in 22 countries. With offices around the world, it can leverage global capabilities to meet the needs of its clients.

Logo of Barrantagh Investment Management Inc.

Barrantagh Investment Management Inc. (Barrantagh), established 1995, provides disciplined portfolio management to individual and institutional investors. The firm is committed to a high level of client service provided directly by its experienced partners.
Barrantagh focuses on preserving clients' capital while generating asset growth through the disciplined application of their value-based investment process.

Logo of Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC

Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC (Brandywine) is a Specialist Investment Manager of Franklin Resources, Inc. Acting with conviction and discipline, Brandywine Global looks beyond short-term, conventional thinking to rigorously pursue long-term value. Since 1986, the firm has provided a range of differentiated fixed income, equity, and alternative solutions to both institutional and retail clients. The Global Fixed Income team manages an extensive suite of active, value-based global bond strategies.

Logo of Canso Investment Counsel Ltd.

Since firm inception in 1997, Canso has been solely dedicated to managing corporate bonds. The founder, John Carswell, has over 20 years experience. Canso’s investment team is comprised of five portfolio managers and credit analysts, who have demonstrated a solid track record for corporate bond mandates.

Logo of CIBC Asset Management

CIBC Asset Management (CIBC AM) is one of Canada's largest asset management firms and provides a broad range of high-quality global investment management solutions to retail and institutional clients.

Logo of CIBC Private Wealth

CIBC Private Wealth Advisors, Inc. (formerly, CIBC Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management) delivers personalized, integrated and objective wealth management solutions for affluent individuals and multi-generational families, as well as foundations and endowments. Across the U.S., our experienced professionals strive to provide the highest-quality client service with strong investment performance and a fiduciary mindset.

Logo of Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd.

Established in 1982, Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd. (CC&L), is one of Canada's leading money management firms dedicated to managing assets for pension fund sponsors, capital accumulation plans, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, mutual funds and individual investors. CC&L is wholly owned by its partners and the CC&L Financial Group.

Logo of Guardian Capital LP

Guardian Capital LP was founded in 1962 and is a wholly-owned division of Guardian Capital Group Limited, a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Guardian Capital LP is an investment management firm providing investment management services to both institutional and retail clients. Guardian offers balanced fund mandates, specialty Canadian equity, fixed income expertise and investment management for U.S, international and global mandates.

Logo of Morgan Stanley Investment Management Inc.

Morgan Stanley Investment Management Inc. (MSIM) provides global asset management products and services spanning the risk/return spectrum across geographies, investment styles and asset classes, including equity, fixed income, alternatives and private markets, to a wide range of investors and institutions.

Logo of WCM Investment Management

WCM Investment Management (WCM) is an independent, employee-owned asset management firm located in Laguna Beach.

WCM has worked hard to build and maintain an organization that nurtures excellence and innovation. To this end, WCM has kept head-count low, controlled asset growth, aligned employee incentives with clients' long-term goals, and vigorously protected its employee-owned status.