CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies

CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies follows a responsible investment methodology. Our solutions invest primarily in companies that are ESG leaders, with a proven history of working towards improving outcomes for their stakeholders.

The intent of these products is to deliver against a broad set of values for investors that are focused on Socially Responsible Investing.


  • High conviction investment strategies that are actively managed and reflect the core principles of responsible investing.
  • Our investment methodology ensures companies demonstrating progressive environmental, social, and governance values are present in each solution.
  • A strict screening criteria that excludes investing in the securities of companies whose primary line of business do not meet a values-based approach to investing.

Value based exclusions

  • Nuclear Power
  • Recreational Cannabis
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Tobacco Products

Impact Donations:

5% of the management fees earned by CIBC, after payment of trailer fees, as applicable, on Series A, F and ETF series of the CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies will be donated annually to organizations supporting Climate Transition activities1.

Carbon Conscious:

While diversified, our strategies will have a lower carbon footprint and energy sector exposure than the broad market. Companies where a significant portion of their revenue stems from renewables will be included, whereas companies whose primary line of business involve Fossil Fuels will be excluded.

Mutual Funds:

CIBC Sustainable Canadian Core Plus Bond Fund

CIBC Sustainable Canadian Equity Fund

CIBC Sustainable Global Equity Fund

Portfolio Solutions

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CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategies:
Investing in the Energy Infrastructure of the Future

The CIBC Clean Energy Index ETF provides investors with broad exposure to companies that primarily operate in the clean energy sector focusing on renewables and clean technologies that are in the midst of a new era of growth and competitiveness. For both future-focused and socially-conscious investors, this solution invests in the technological innovations that are transforming the global economy to be less dependent on fossil fuels and more reliant on renewable energy.

CIBC Clean Energy Index ETF2 [ETF]

The CIBC Clean Energy Index ETF will track the CIBC Atlas Clean Energy Select Index, which is designed to provide exposure to a diverse set of U.S. and Canadian companies involved in the Clean Energy sector including renewables and clean technology.

Renewable and clean technology themes reflected in the CIBC Clean Energy Index ETF include:

Sun icon Solar:

Electricity generation from solar and related equipment companies

Wind powerplant icon Wind:

Electricity generation from wind and related equipment companies

Hydro icon

Hydro/Geothermal:The ‘other’ renewables – well established, steady power generation

Bioenergy icon Bioenergy:

Primarily fuel that comes from organic or renewable resources

Power grid icon Energy Management and Storage:

Everything related to storing energy and delivering it effectively

Electic vehicle icon Electric Vehicles:

Electric vehicles and related equipment companies

Battery icon Fuel Cell/Hydrogen:

Electricity generation using hydrogen and related equipment companies

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1Where monies are donated to a registered charity, CIBC may be entitled to a donation receipt issued by the charity. Any amounts donated are not, in any way, an additional expense to the Funds.

2The CIBC Clean Energy Index ETF is apart of the CIBC Sustainable Investment Strategy fund family. However, the ETF does not utilize CIBC’s proprietary ESG Framework or abide by the Sustainable Investment Solutions Framework. The ETF tracks the CIBC Atlas Clean Energy Select Index. For the CIBC Clean Energy Index ETF, 5% of CAMI’s management fee will be donated.