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The CIBC Atlas Point Global Multi-Strategy Canada Fund is an alternative solution for accredited Canadian investors, that invests in the Atlas Point Global Multi-Strategy Offshore Fund. The fund will make opportunistic investments by taking a micro-thematic, bottom-up approach to identifying attractive, asymmetric return opportunities in assets and strategies that may not be easily captured through traditional investments.

Micro-Thematic Investing

Micro-thematic investing allots capital, over time, to opportunities that may be associated with long-term, structural trends. These thematic tailwinds are expected to dominate and drive performance.

The underlying fund’s investment philosophy includes micro-themes that can be categorized into the three categories below:

Directional Investments
refer to micro-thematic strategies based on a hedge fund manager’s outlook, supported by both qualitative and quantitative research.

Uncorrelated Investments
are micro-thematic strategies that provide high quality diversification from traditional asset classes, given a manager’s distinct investment focus.

help minimize the portfolio’s overall downside risk, while limiting the portfolio concentration of each manager and micro-themes, helps bolster the fund’s overall risk management efficacy.

Triangle of Directional Investments, Uncorrelated Investments, and Hedges

Key Features of the Underlying fund

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High conviction Portfolio

  • The fund’s underlying investments form a concentrated portfolio, with capital allotted to only the most attractive investment themes.
  • 7-10 specific micro-themes that may change periodically, with a 2-5 year time horizon per theme.
  • The manager of the underlying fund strategically implements 2-3 of the identified best ideas every year.
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Thematic and opportunistic investing

  • Provides a deep understanding of opportunities for specific hedge fund strategies.
  • Uses a thematic approach to assess opportunities from a bottom-up basis, providing a foundation for manager selection.
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Return asymmetry

  • A flexible mandate that seeks unique opportunities globally, across all asset classes, investment styles and financial instruments.
  • Employs a disciplined approach to only invest in themes that the manager of the underlying fund believes have a high probability of providing asymmetric upside performance.
  • Offers limited drawdown and low market sensitivity due to a low correlation with bond and equity markets.

CIBC Atlas Point Global Multi-Strategy Canada Fund - Series F

The portfolio management teams

CIBC Atlas Point Global Multi-Strategy Canada Fund Portfolio Managers

Patrick Thillou's profile photo

Patrick Thillou

Vice-President, Structured investments, Trading & Business Initiatives

Patrick Thillou is responsible for developing initiatives that improve and refine investment processes and infrastructure to support and monitor portfolio management activities. Additionally, Mr. Thillou is also responsible for the management of various structured, passive and overlay strategies and the oversight of trading activities for derivatives and for non-derivatives instruments.

Giuseppe Pietrantonio's profile photo

Giuseppe Pietrantonio, CFA

Associate, Client Portfolio Manager - Multi-Asset & Currency Management

Giuseppe Pietrantonio is a member of the CIBC Client Portfolio Manager team. Mr. Pietrantonio partners with all CIBC distribution channels to deliver targeted thought leadership, education, and investment advice and perspective to clients and consultants.

Atlas Point Global Multi-Strategy Offshore Fund Portfolio Managers

Ohm Srinivasan's profile photo

Ohm Srinivasan, CFA

Managing Director, Co-Manager, Hedge Funds

Ohm Srinivasan is an investment portfolio manager and co-heads the hedge fund research efforts within the Multi-Manager Investment Program (MMIP) based in Boston. With 18 years of industry experience, he is responsible for managing the MMIP hedge fund platform.

JigarPatel's profile photo

Jigar Patel, CFA

Managing Director, Co-Manager, Hedge Funds

Jigar Patel is an investment portfolio manager and co-heads the hedge fund research efforts within the Multi-Manager Investment Program (MMIP) based in New York. He is responsible for managing the MMIP hedge fund platform, which includes an internal multi-strategy fund of funds portfolio and a customized hedge.

What Sets Us Apart


The underlying fund’s micro-thematic approach coupled with an opportunistic investing methodology is a key contributor towards the fund’s performance.


The focus of the manager of the underlying fund is on identifying a relatively concentrated set of micro-themes, then allocating to them through a limited set of specialist managers is the fund’s primary source of value-add


The manager of the underlying fund’s investment approach maximizes potential success by executing in a disciplined manner. The manager avoids chasing performance, as past performance has been a poor indicator of future success.

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The expertise of CIBC Asset Management

CIBC Asset Management is committed to creating innovative solutions. We’ve developed unique multi-asset investment products based on best-in-class research and a strong tradition of disciplined investment processes.

We believe investment research, guided by a rigorous and consistent process, yields better results and generates value over the long term. Our commitment to research is demonstrated by our large teams in each asset class with a multiple sector or regional focus. These teams are dedicated exclusively to industry research and security-specific idea generation.

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