CIBC Asset Management launches CIBC Smart Investment Solutions for clients

CIBC Asset Management Inc. announced today the launch of CIBC Smart Investment Solutions, five portfolios that offer clients a modern approach to investing while taking into account their goals, life stage and risk profile. "CIBC Smart Investment Solutions provide our clients with modern, professionally-managed portfolios designed to navigate changing markets while aligning with their investment goals," says David Scandiffio, President and CEO, CIBC Asset Management. "In today's complex investing climate, we aim to give clients peace of mind by knowing their portfolio is always being taken care of by our team of experts." Each CIBC Smart Investment Solutions portfolio is comprised of traditional and non-traditional investments, optimally blending both active and passive investment strategies to ensure clients benefit from the perspective of professional management and lower cost options like ETFs. The portfolios include CIBC Multi-Asset Absolute Return Strategy, an alternative investment fund introduced in October 2018, that aims to generate positive returns for investors regardless of market conditions, while managing volatility. Continually monitored and rebalanced, the portfolios are designed to meet client needs whether they are income, balanced or growth-oriented investors. "We know our clients need well-managed and diversified portfolios in order to achieve their goals, and CIBC Smart Investment Solutions offer our clients the value and expertise they're looking for," Mr. Scandiffio adds. CIBC Smart Investment Solutions are available to clients as of today, starting with a $500 investment, or through a regular investment plan with contributions as low as $25 per month. Maximum annual management fees range from 1.50 per cent to 1.80 per cent (Series A) depending on the portfolio, in addition to a fixed administration fee of 0.10 per cent across all portfolios. Learn more about the CIBC Smart Investment Solutions.